Egyptian Spell

His eyes like a two suns,
An amazing pharaoh with long lashes and bright smile,
All this spell took it’s place when I was watching him for a while.
His half-arrowed feet and his big cartoon-warrior hands;
Lots of magic happened over those white sands;
All the small details in him, makes it so special that gets all my senses sublimed;
from the warmth on his neck to the perfection of his toes, all through the sweetness of his lips and the manly smell of his skin.
Since I met him, I can swear, my world just spin.
All the perfection of his body, all the sounds of his laughter,
that feeling of being secure only by his touch, now I can never get enough,
the warmth of his breath, his strong hands that holds me by the waist,
the magic comes up only with him and can be never replaced.
Perhaps New York City, perhaps Washington state;
oh the complicity that brought us together and for a future I can’t wait.
It was friendship and it was authentic, all intentions were always pure;
God knew it all the way and now I can call him my baby as a cure,
Theres no way I’d regretted, all the journey we’ve been through; made me stronger, made me wiser, but happier is my favorite too.
Maybe the look he gave me in that beach or the hypnotizing words on the silent Times Square;
I still don’t have the answer and to be honest its the least i care.
It was chemistry, it was destiny, it was a magnificent plan that i cannot be more grateful about.
This Egyptian spell got me in addictive state of mind that I never want it out.
A fall gave birth to my favorite mystery,
And I’m ready to keep on writing history,
Perhaps his exotic arabic, perhaps the swing on his hips,
Every pore got inspired of this Egyptian majesty.
Our hearts are dancing as his happy feet movements as the “Tightrope” beat,
Strive, struggle and commitment, all I need its this treat,
I’m all here ready to hold him close and never let him go,
I want that man forever as he already knows.